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the crucifix is painted gold and white
Senhor de Matosinhos 2021: Programa Religioso
Senhor de Matosinhos 2021: Programa Religioso
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Matosinhos, imprescindible desde Oporto
Matosinhos, imprescindible desde Oporto, Portugal - por Meritxell Beltrán, El Próximo Destino 19.08.2013 | Matosinhos un buen lugar para ir a la playa desde Oporto o para comer delicioso marisco y pescado a un buen precio... Foto: Sardinas en Matosinhos
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Alt-Europe: A GQ Guide to the Continent's Most Underrated Cities
GQ's Europe Travel Guide - August 2012: Travel Features: GQ, Porto, Portugal - Now the city itself is the draw: resurgent neighborhoods, packed and port-soaked bars, blocks of galleries and multifangled arts/retail spaces.
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Matosinhos, Senhor do Padrão