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I am a bashful, dorky human woman -- your average refugee on Risda III.

Haina is tall, blue, and magnificent. She is effortlessly confident, and her laugh is contagious. I might hide behind the candle section at the store in Risda's port just to get a weekly glimpse at her when she makes her vend

When She’s Shy

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The Baller
The Baller

The Baller

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Being a billionaire is fantastic until…

It’s not. I command my world but I can’t buy the two things I want: The woman I desire and a miracle. Neither are for sale. And both are out of my reach.

I’m one-hundred percent in love with my best friend’s sister. I have been for years, and she just to

Bad Boy Bossy Pants

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Kissing Games (Kissing Creek, #2) by Stefanie London | Goodreads
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Kissing Games

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A nice, clean break. 

That's Ash's solution when Joseph, her on and off boyfriend, admits he loves her right before she leaves for her Hawaii vacation.

Love is messy. Love is disappointing. Just ask her parents.

But when Ash seeks out a fling in her new surroundings to help the guilt in her

One Day Too Late

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Brooke and Grayson meet in a bar.

No, that isn’t the start to some joke.

Brooke thinks she and love are natural-born enemies.

Will Grayson convince her otherwise?

She’s a sure thing for a good time.

He’s a sure thing, too, just in a different way.

Sure Thing

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Until Tomorrow Comes

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Marriage, Vegas Style

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Tempt The Boss Natasha Madison - Pesquisa Google
Book Review - Tempt The Boss by Natasha Madison • Ana's Attic Book Blog

Tempt The Boss

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Pregnant and alone, Violet Kumasi returns to the hidden city where she was born to find that everything has stayed the same, except her. Now she must face the shifter she once loved—and betrayed on mission to gain critical intel as a spy for her homeland. Did she do it to protect her cover, or her h

Tasting Freedom

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For years there has been a missing piece to the puzzle of my heart, and I have no doubt Clay carries it. But because he’s my brother by law, I’ve kept my feelings for him at bay, which has resulted in us avoiding each other as much as possible.

When a family concern arrives that forces us to face

Tempting Clay

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Out of Sight

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Along the shore lies a castle-like estate fit for a princess. I’m that princess who has looked out her tower for years, yearning for the one man I shouldn’t want. A man I crave to be mine for all eternity.

Jameson Brock is the mechanic who lives above the carriage house on my family’s estate. Rog

Talking to the Moon

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And against the backdrop of his plain black tee-shirt, his muscular arms were covered with tattoos that reached all the way to his knuckles. He looked like a modern-day rake, the kind of man that exists solely to lure women into the best kind of sin.  But it was his smile that had me tightening my h

Not the Marrying Kind

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Nina Wilkerson wants nothing more than to bring in the new year and her birthday
in the arms of her boyfriend and rapper, Mecca Watson. But with him away for work, she
is forced to make other plans.

While on tour, Mecca devises a plan to make sure Nina celebrates her birthday in
the best way p

New Year’s Kiss

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I’ve wanted him from the moment I saw him. Tall, strong, dependable, and I only have eyes for him. The only problem is he doesn’t know I exist. I’d give anything for him to notice me, but I never expect what happens when he does.


I tried to ignore her, but she doesn’t make i

Piper’s Perfect Mate

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Let's Try This Again

Let's Try This Again

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My First and Only Crush

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Boss of Me

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Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club 1) by Nikki Sloane #DirtyGirlRomance
Love Note: Logan to Evie – Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Three Simple Rules

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Resenha: A Casa Holandesa | Ann Patchett | Editora Intrínseca

A Casa Holandesa

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Budding romance between a sweet-talking gardener and a spinster headmistress blooms to full flower in this steamy lesbian love story.

On the cusp of the 20th century, France is where libertines indulge poetic desires. Dorothea has fled the structure of dreary old England for a place in the sun. S

Budding Romance

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M. Never 📚🖌❤️Romance author (@author_m.never) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram
M. Never 📚🖌❤️Romance author (@author_m.never) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Aces High

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Memphis Triple A baseball player Boone Swift is hoping for more than first base with Lucinda Sutton. He’s heading for home.

Boone’s got the next five and ten years of his life mapped out.
Lucinda is more of a no-plan kind of girl.

He loves the roar of the crowd.
She loves solitude and painti

The Catch

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Athena Anderson is young ambitious journalist fresh out of grad school & excited about her first assignment for Capital Exchange Magazine.

Grant Winters rules his corporate domain with an iron fist and has no time for distractions, like reporters from dried up media outlets.

Their first me

Conquering the Goddess

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