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an electric car with wheels and spokes is shown in three different views, including the front wheel
Equestrian Inspired EV - Yanko Design
The Fayton, inspired by the natural (horse) and human (carriage) components of the phaeton horse-drawn buggy of the 19th century, is a project aimed at providing comfortable transportation with a minimal carbon footprint. The EV’s most noticeable features are its transparent body and large glass canopy that provides a 360 degree view outside. The sunroof is made of four glass pieces that, when open, fold back and resemble a horses mane.
an image of a futuristic tricycle with wheels on it's side and the words, gran - turismo reuben tricycle
Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle
Gran Turismo Recumbent Tricycle by Justin Chan at
an orange and white vehicle with wheels on it's side, sitting on a yellow surface
Seon Trike for Urban Environments by Luis Alberto Cordoba Dorantes - Tuvie Design
Seon Trike by Luis Alberto Cordoba Dorantes
an image of a website page with two people in the background and one person holding a certificate
Ryan Riehl
an image of a bike that looks like it has wheels on the front and back
10 Fastest Production Ebikes 2017
This is an update of a list that was done back in 2012, and today in the the fall of 2016 the fastest ebikes are looking much better than it was back then…bikes are getting faster, lighter a…
a close up of a bike in the snow
How to Build Yourself –
How To Build Yourself | ELECTRICBIKE.COM
a woman is sitting in a small car made out of wood and cardboard with the door open
an image of some type of font and numbers
an artistic rendering of a futuristic motorcycle with wheels and spokes on the front wheel
Trike futurista
an image of a red bicycle that is designed to look like it has wheels and spokes
fredoichi: “ Kaneda Bicycle Concept Another fun little Akira project, the Kaneda Bike as a Bicycle. Done in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop. Now I’m ready to make a real one. ”
the front end of a motorcycle parked in a driveway
Where has the time gone.
CycleCar Build1930's Morgan Aero SuperSports inspired, Honda CX500 Powered Microcar
an image of a bike with wheels on the front and rear wheel, in white background
cargo tilting bike
cargo tilting bike - Buscar con Google
an old fashioned wooden car with wheels and spokes on it's back wheel
Fidel Herrera Beltrán, Fidel Herrera Beltrán,Festival de hielo, Peña Nieto,super bowl, copa oro, milenio, RockwellIt runs on a Bosch drill. Enough said.