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an image of a flower and leaves on a black background
Scottland, England, Ireland
a blue background with an embroidered flower and leaves on the left side of the image
Rose and Thistle ~ A Rennaisance Lady
Scottish thistle, English rose and Irish shamrock. If only I could embroider so well!
Rose, shamrock and thistle - Wikimedia Commons
Rose, Shamrock and Thistle - Wikimedia Commons
Rose, shamrock and thistle - Wikimedia Commons
The four symbols of Great Britain Ink, Celtic Art, Ornament, Thistle Tattoo, Shamrock Tattoos, Shamrock Ireland
The four symbols of Great Britain
a woman's arm with flowers on it, and the tattoo is done in black ink - This website is for sale! - tikinewz Resources and Information.
Very pretty. Change the placement though
a woman with two butterflies on her upper arm and shoulder, behind her is a white wall
110 Small Butterfly Tattoos with Images
Two Black Butterfly Tattoo on Right Upper Back
a colorful butterfly tattoo on the back of a woman's shoulder and chest area
a small butterfly tattoo on the wrist
Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas | butterfly tattoos # wrist tattoos # arm tattoos # colour tattoos | cute-tattoo
black and white photograph of butterflies flying in the sky
{inspiration board : pink & leopard print and lettering is not fonts}
a small butterfly tattoo on the back of a woman's right side ribcage
Butterfly tattoo for my foot
an image of native american symbols in black and white with the words native american symbols below it
Native American Animal Symbols and Their Meanings | Native American Encyclopedia
a small blue butterfly tattoo on the left inner forearm and wrist, next to a penny
butterfly tattoo on ar,
a butterfly tattoo with a pink and blue ribbon on it's back side shoulder
Cancer Support Services
I'm actually thinking of getting this tattooed somewhere...any thoughts???? Visit to find resources for anyone living with cancer - patients, survivors and caregivers alike. Find valuable cancer support services, inspiring quotes and messages, financial assistance and aid, tips on navigating cancer and detailed cancer information.