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someone is cutting up orange slices on a tablet
Biksence #lettering #typography
the logo for busa beer, which is designed in black and white with swirls
Péter Molnár
an image of two cubes that are connected to each other
Péter Molnár
a red clock with stickers on it and the words buaust underneath it
Péter Molnár
a scooter is parked next to a trash can with the words one more drink la chem?
Péter Molnár
the word dad is made up of letters and lines
Robinson Cursor
the title for resanay, which is written in black and white on paper
Andrej Dieneš - a calligraphic layer font
four different images of the inside of a box with instructions on how to make it
Mónika Rudics
Graphidarium // Design inspiration calendar // 2017
the cover art for stanislow lem's solaris album
Bukvity Lorisz
the number 4 is often used in typograph to create visual art
Ungvári József Márk - 36 days of type 2023
several pieces of paper with black and yellow designs on them
Sára Matyis - ZINEZŐ II / Risograph design periodical 2022
ZINEZŐ is a zine that contains articles about graphic design and appears periodically at the Media and Design Institute, Eger.
an open book with black and white images on it, next to a cd cover
Sára Matyis - Meta_Positive
an open book with donuts on it and the pages are colored in different colors
Lili Sütő - Szűrögető - creative editorial