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a close up of a statue holding a harp
Angels guarding Graveyards
an angel statue with its hands clasped in front of it's face and eyes
Aesthetic Sharer ZHR (@CGdrawing) on X
a statue of a woman with her eyes closed
Stone face
Stone face | Flickr - Photo
an angel statue in sepia photograph with black and white filter applied to make it look like she is holding something
the statue is holding his hands to his face while standing next to a tall pillar
Père Lachaise Cemetery
an angel with white wings is shown in this artistic photo
Ангелы Elvira Amrhein.
a statue of an angel holding a baby
Âme vagabonde
Beautiful, Fotos
It's a beautiful world!
an old statue is covered in ivy
Take Flight...
a statue with moss growing on it's head
Gardens with sculpture
a moss covered statue with its head resting on it's back and eyes closed
Harvest Heart
a woman's face is covered in yellow and white paint
Aesthetic Sharer ZHR on Twitter
a black and white photo of a woman's face covered in frosty powder
Emotion by Kelvin Trundle / 500px