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a drawing of two spirals on a white wall
Sewing 101 - Guide for beginners, like me... - The D.I.Y. Dreamer
a close up of a red quilt with green leaves and swirls on the fabric
How To Quilt Feathers including Handout for Practice
three candles with the words how to quilt a candle written on them in white thread
an image of a book cover with the words, long story stitching
About Quiltmaker, a Division of Quilting Daily
a note with the words boho back around written in red and blue on it
Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventures: Scroll Flower #1
a sewing machine is sitting on top of a quilted surface with the words, it's shaped bar
Petit Design Co: The {often} Misunderstood Walking Foot
an airplane is flying through the sky with dotted lines around it, as if to be in
About Quiltmaker, a Division of Quilting Daily
... maravilhoso! sucesso!... carinho desde Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!!!
spools of thread with the text 5 secrets to machine quilting with 12 wt thread
5 Secrets to Machine Quilting with 12 wt. Thread - Suzy Quilts
Want to give your quilting some added texture and depth? Try machine quilting with 12 wt. thread! It's not difficult, but there are 5 secrets you must know.