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an orange and brown object sitting on top of a white table
Find Top-Rated Restaurants & Places: Sort by Ratings MoonFruit
two pieces of art made out of paper
Декор своими руками
some art work is laying out on a table
GB...samples...stitching circles on different backgrounds www.brelihart.com
several pictures of different types of fabric and paper on the wall, including an abstract painting
A Level Textiles: Beautiful Sketchbook Pages
Os detalhes ampliadas da peça final como têxteis ilustrar alto nível de habilidade de Halima; a hábil manipulação da mídia e da integração cuidadosa de forma, textura, superfície e cor. Trabalhando com ondulante costurado e papel rasgado, formas orgânicas emergem de marcas pintadas e desenhadas; tecido é cortado, cortado, dobrado e moldado em formas que nascem a partir dos cogumelos analisados ​​na fase inicial do projeto.
three different colored objects hanging from a hook on a gray wall in the shape of a human head
Eindexpo GRA (deel I), Amsterdam
Misato Unno
a man standing in front of a tall building made out of cardboard boxes and tape
Jannick Deslauriers
on a narrower scale what a great 'lamp' - I would love this...mmm what a great project
a woman sitting on top of a table next to a pile of tangled up objects
Artist review: Aude-Marie Franjou
Aude Franjou creates organic tri-dimensional forms, made of hemp fiber wrapped with linen threads, which are often a part of a open dialogue with Nature. Her works can normally be found in parks and gardens, wrapping trees and houses.
a green leaf with white dots on it
Personalized Leather Journals & Notebooks | Jenni Bick Custom Journals
Alice Fox Leaf Stitching - creative, nature inspired project
an old piece of cloth with different colored threads and beads on the bottom half
7 artistas que usam linhas e tecidos de um jeito que você nunca viu
A arte têxtil é uma das mais ricas em termos de técnica e diversidade temática e cultural, sua história e desenvolvimento está intimament...
a woman's face is drawn on a piece of wood with red thread in it
Odd Ana Stitch - Portland - at RAWartists.com
Odd Ana Stitch - Portland, OR - Art
three embroidery hoops with different colored spikts on them, one is red and the other is green
Bursting with color
Bursting with color · Needlework News | CraftGossip.com