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a woman swimming in the ocean surrounded by hundreds of fish
Nothing Compares to First-Hand Travel Tips
One of the great things about working with a travel agent is that the really good ones have a lot of personal scuba diving secrets.
a person swimming in the water with their back turned to the camera and his head above the water
Going to extremes: Breathtaking images of thrill-seeking action sports enthusiasts vying to win Red Bull Illume photo contest
a person is swimming in the blue water
Snorkeling Between Continents
a person standing in the water with their skis on and looking up at them
Drysuit Diving in Iceland - Dive Trips & Snorkeling Tours - Magmadive
a person swimming in an underwater cave with sunlight streaming through the water's surface
17 places to visit if you want to test your bravery.
an image of a person swimming in the water
Underwater Photo Video Features: Interviews, Reviews, and More
an underwater view of a man swimming in the ocean
Endless Summer
a person swimming in the water between two large rocks and another deep blue body of water
Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates
Scuba diving the gap in the tectonic plates off of Iceland.
an underwater view of some rocks and water
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a large group of fish swimming in the ocean
Atlantic sailfish (Istiophorus albicans) drives sardines to surface