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Best Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Hack !
"Mediterranean Feasts Made Simple! 🌞🍲 Elevate your meals with our beginner-friendly recipes inspired by the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean. Easy, nutritious, and bursting with flavors – a delicious way to kickstart your health journey! 🥗🍤 #MediterraneanFlavors #HealthyBeginnings"
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Greek Roasted Potatoes with Whipped Feta
Crispy, fluffy easy Greek roasted potatoes with a lemon and garlic sauce with whipped feta. This delicious potatoes and feta recipe is loaded with good flavors, with the perfect pairing of crispy potatoes and creamy feta dip.
crispy lemon - feta roasted potatoes in a wooden bowl with a serving spoon
Crispy Lemon-Feta Roasted Potatoes
Crispy Lemon-Feta Roasted Potatoes are the best side dish with just about anything. Featuring crispy smashed potatoes, roasted lemon dressing, chunks of feta, and fresh dill.
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grilled artichokes with parmesan sprinkles on a plate
Miso Butter Roasted Cabbage Wedges
Miso Butter Roasted Cabbage Wedges
TAHDIG (Persian rice) 🌾
55min · 8 servings RECIPE (8 servings each 250cal/1P/28C/13F): • -1 Tsp Safran • -1/4 cup (60ml) hot water • SET ASIDE 10mins • -3 cups basmati rice • WASH/BLANCH in salted water for 5-6mins • -halfof the Safran water • -1/2 cup (125g) vegan yogurt • -6 Tbsp oil • MIX with half of the blanched rice/MELT vegan butter or oil in a non-stick pot or pan/LAYER rice mix and the remaining rice/ADD the remaining Safran water/COVER with a lid+towel and cook 25-35mins on medium low heat until you can hear the “crisp”
saffron rice in a pot and spoon with the title above it that reads, authentic delicious saffron rice
Saffron Rice (Pulao) | Instant Pot, Stove & Microwave | Spice Cravings