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a wooden frame holding a photo of a bride and groom in front of leaves on the wall
Gotta remember to do this!
two people standing next to each other in front of a mirror with the caption
Amor e Carinho
post - it notes are arranged on the wall with different colors and writing written on them
21 Open When Letter Ideas & Examples - finding mandee
three matches on a card that says, you light up my life
Tuesday Ten: Sweet DIY Valentines Puns - Lauren Conrad
two comics, one with a man hugging another and the other has a comic strip above it
50 posts fofos para compartilhar quando você quiser fazer o dia de alguém mais feliz - Me Apaixonei
a paper with some pictures on it and the words together let's written in different languages
Liebe, Paar und mehr Freunde Gemälde (DIY-Ideen für jedes kombinieren Spezi), #friend #giftfortee ... - Design-Magazin
Memorable card
a box filled with candy next to a window
Яна Маркович
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