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an image of a city at night with the lights on and reflecting in the water
Foggy Night, Padua, Italy
an aerial view of a town at night with lights on the mountains in the background
Wandering the Good...
Dolomites, Italy
a large christmas tree in front of the colossion
The Best Christmas Traditions in Italy - Walks of Italy
Italian Christmas Tree | Christmas tree at the Colosseum (just one Christmas tradition in Italy ...
an outdoor market in front of a cathedral at night
Santa Croce Christmas market, Florence, Italy.
people are standing in front of the colossion looking up at it's sky
two statues in front of the leaning tower
Igers Toscana
the sun is setting over a city with hills and trees in the foreground, as seen from an overlook point
Igers Toscana
there is a statue in front of the building
Igers Toscana
a bridge over a body of water with buildings on both sides and lights reflecting in the water
Igers Toscana
boats are parked in the water next to some houses and buildings on either side of the river