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a purple square with blue flowers and a red umbrella on it's side,
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a cartoon pig with a flower in its hair
App icon - Discord
the spot logo surrounded by blue flowers on a purple and white background with an e - sign in the center
App icon
a purple and white clock with flowers on it's face in front of a dark blue background
App icon - Safari
an animal with flowers in the background on a purple and blue background, which appears to be looking like a cow
the letter n is decorated with blue flowers and daisies on a purple background illustration
Raiden app icon - netflix
a music note and flowers on a dark purple background with blue butterflies in the foreground
App icon
a white box with blue flowers on the side and butterflies around it, against a purple background
Иконка роблокса в стиле Райден
Нету иконки роблокса с геншином и я подумала и создала
a purple photo frame with a blue flower in front of it and an image of a mountain
Raiden app icon - gallery
an image of a cogwheel and flowers on a purple background with white outline
a video player with purple flowers on the side and a blue ribbon around it's corner
the letter g is surrounded by scissors and flowers on a purple background with white letters
a purple background with an image of a flower and the letter g in it's center
an image of a flower in a vase with butterflies flying around the top and bottom
App icon
an image of a mail with flowers on it
App icon