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a plaid chair and ottoman in a living room
British Chic - Wohnidee | Möbel Höffner
an old wooden ruler with numbers on it
Desk Accessories - World Market
Unique Desk & Home Office Accessories | World Market
an old wooden desk chair sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Antique Chairs Antique 1920-1949 Time Period Manufactured for sale | eBay
a colorful patchwork chair sitting in front of a mirror
MBW quilts en andere stofzaken
Patchwork velvet chair, photo by Marjo (The Netherlands): "In the Dutch city of Delft I saw this chair on the pavement, in front of an upholsterer‘s shop. What a great chair to quilt in, or to read, or daydream, or just to sit in!"
two wooden gloves with hearts painted on them
emergency medicine
American folk hand & heart (possibly inspired by the Shaker motto "Hands to work and hearts to God" or The Oddfellows' use of the symbol)
a red plaid chair with a purple pillow on it's back and legs, in front of a white background
a chair with a plaid upholstered back and foot rests against a white wall
Winter Clothing
plaid chair comfy
a red and green patterned couch sitting on top of a white floor next to a gray wall
Artful Home presents fine art, glass, furniture, home decor, and handmade jewelry from America's leading artists.
Salon Settee by Mary Lynn O'Shea (Upholstered Settee)