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an image of the back side of a white box with different colors and designs on it
Branding and brand applications for Tealicious, a small Tea Shop in the heart of Florence, Italy. Designed by Juana Alvarez. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design
four calendars with different images of people in the water and numbers on them, each showing
swimmers! love maemae.
the packaging design is designed to look like it has fruit and leaves on it, including oranges
Wild Forest Tea
Art direction, graphic design and packaging for Wild Forest Tea on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Premium tea with pieces of natural fruits in vintage packaging.
an image of many different colored lines in the same pattern as they are drawn on paper
Savon Stories
Savon Stories Packaging Design
the front and back side of a building with an advertisement on it
No. Six Depot
No. Six Depot / by Perky Bros llc #branding #packaging #logo #identity
an array of different colored crayons arranged in rows
Aroma Mediterranea soaps - DIELINE
Aroma Mediterranea soaps
an iphone screen showing the alphabets and numbers in different colors, with text added to it
Your Daily Design Inspiration #11 - Designbeep
What I like about this type is that it's based off Helvetica, but it gives a completely new meaning and identity. Helvetica is a very universal typeface that could be used in almost all situations. However, this innovation of Helvetica almost restricts it to be using for a child related item, whether it be a book, logo for a childrens program etc.
an assortment of different types of food on display
The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle
tea & coffee brand packaging
multiple images of different colored lines and shapes
The Happy Eight Hotel Branding - DIELINE
Wow - how beautiful are the illustrations used in this branding? Very inspiring! #design #logo #branding
several photographs of different types of cards and envelopes with the same design on them
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Get Inspired: Packaging Inspiration - IAMTHELAB | Your Handmade Laboratory | Build Your Own Handmade Trifecta!
the logo and business card design for amelie spencer
Identity Brand Package for a quick refresh :)
a blue poster with flowers and a bicycle on the front, along with information about it
Blaumut + Llúmia live poster / + at
a red piece of cloth with lines drawn on the back and sides in different directions
emialybarletta1 - I'M REVOLTING
four different types of skis are shown in the same row, one is blue and white
Bic : 60 ans du stylo Bic Cristal