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September 3rd Bug-Fixing Build
an anime scene with four women dressed in white and red outfits, one sitting on a chair while the other standing
Not Today— Student Council
a girl with blood all over her body standing in front of a pink blossom tree
Notice me Senpai by KyOoRockers on DeviantArt
two anime characters are hugging each other
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
two anime characters one is holding a knife and the other has a shirt with an arrow on it
Run. | Yandere Simulator
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L-O-V-E Just love by Koumi-senpai on DeviantArt
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some words are written in different languages on the same page, and one has an image of
Thugdere Best Dere | -Dere
an anime character is giving the thumbs up sign for someone to give her some help
an animated image of some people laying on the ground with blood all over their bodies
an animated image of a woman cleaning the floor with a mop and blood all over it
#JustYandereThings - post
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Ah- Yes #yanderesimulator #yandere #yanderechan #yanchan #yandere_simulator