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three green glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling above a table with flowers on it
Suspension en verre teinté Vintage
Cette suspension vintage en verre teinté fait partie de nos best-sellers et vous allez sûrement craquer à votre tour pour ce lustre chic style vintage et industriel.
a close up of a light fixture on a table with a white surface and wood trim
ENSO lamp series design Lars Vejen for Japanese manufacturer KOHSEKI based in Kyoto, Japan. Today part of the collection at Motarasu
a chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall mounted light
5 Lighting Trends Reflect the Age of LEDs - Interior Design
an image of a glass and copper device on a white background with the lid open
Product Category Lighting
Why not illuminate a room while it lights up as great? A table lamp is perfect for that!
a light that is on top of a wooden shelf
BYRK Light Board
BYRK Light Board: Remodelista
four different views of a concrete lamp with an electric cord plugged into the bulb
Este artigo não está disponível - Etsy
Nomad: concrete lamp. Table lamp. Table lamp. by UNiiKATshop More
a close up of a wooden object hanging from a ceiling fixture with two metal rods
DZZZ lighting and decoration. Model "NO²"
DZZZ lighting and decoration More
a white lamp sitting on top of a wooden table
The platform for architecture and design | Architonic
'Plié' by Olivier Sottas // The Swiss designer Olivier Sottas presented at this year´s DMY Festival in Berlin ‘Plié’, a series of floor lamps. The lamps are composed of a paper lampshade, which gets its structure and stability from the artful folding, and a base made of thin plywood pieces. Unassembled it can be sent flat-packed. For its lightness and its biodegradable materials ‘Plié’ is impressive in terms of sustainability.