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an empty room with the word j on it's wall next to a window
salt creative studio.
an assortment of brochures designed to look like modern art and architecture, with different colors
Guide to Europe Website Design
Guide to Europe Website Design by Levon Saribekyan for Zajno Crew on Dribbble
a poster with the words kalb anayitik and an image of umbrellas
Kalb Analytik, Identity, Design: Bueronardin
an image of a magazine cover with different chairs and furniture in it's pages
Sabor a mi - Fashion Branding & Package & Webdesign
Sabor a mi - Fashion Branding & Package & Webdesign on Behance
Tote bag design using Scandinavian letters Vans, Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Large Bags, Tote Bag Design, Bag Design, Bag Packaging, Canvas Bag
ASF Tote Bag - Hildablue Design
Tote bag design using Scandinavian letters
the logo for museum di pistoia
Musei di Pistoia - Branding
Musei di Pistoia - Branding on Behance
a blue and white poster with the words porto written in different languages on it
Novo logótipo da Câmara Municipal do Porto -
an advertisement for bonafide featuring two women in front of a blue and orange background
Bonafide Banking | Branding
Bonafide Banking | Branding by Wesley Marc Bancroft ᵂᴹᴮ
several different colored squares with the names of various languages and shapes on them, including one for
slides conference
slides conference
the logos for hbo - ictt are designed in blue and white, with different geometric shapes
HvA HBO-ICT - visual identity
This project concerns a visual identity for the study program ICT of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Within the study program, each student will experience the program differently by the opportunity to make their own choices. If you map out …