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a black and white photo of an empty church
One of my favorite spaces in the historic First Christian Church, designed by Eliel Saarinen (1942), the Chapel's wonderful asymmetry and floor to ceiling windows, invite light to sweep from left to right across the surface of that amazing screen...very serene and natural. | Instagram photo by Hadley Fruits
the corner of a building with a clock on it's side and clouds in the background
Gallery of Anapra / Jorge Urias Studio - 2
Gallery of Anapra / Jorge Urias Studio - 2
four blocks of cement sitting on top of a table
a building that has some kind of art on it
Cast concrete mid-mod mural by William George Mitchell. Sheffield, January 2015.
the building has round holes in it and is made out of concrete with red flowers growing outside
Galeria de Casa B+B / studio mk27 - 6
Imagem 2 de 58 da galeria de Casa B+B / Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Renata Furlanetto + Galeria Arquitetos. Fotografia de Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
a white box with two open compartments on the front and one closed in the back
Форма для изготовления 3D блока 001
На изображении представлена - Форма для изготовления 3D блока 001
black and white photograph of an architectural structure
Views from the outer space
Espritmetropol: “beton abstract ”
an abstract wall made up of many different shapes and sizes, including triangulars on the surface
Materico - Wallpepper - Carte da Parati di Design
Wallpepper - Studs
a dining room table and chairs in front of a wall with an abstract sculpture hanging from it
Guto Requena assina tríplex muito flexível
(Foto: André Klotz)... concrete ceiling; lights.
a concrete block sitting on top of a purple blanket
Art Concrete: Guest Gallery Hannes Kuehtreiber
Hannes Kuehtreiber, concrete.
an object made out of concrete on a white surface
Architectural Concrete Sculptures By David Umemoto | Designwrld
Architectural Concrete Sculptures By David Umemoto
the different shades of gray paint
BEHR’s 50 Shades of Grey | Colorfully, BEHR Blog
Even if you haven’t read the books or are planning to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey this weekend, there are plenty of grey shades out there to pique your interest! In honor of the movie’s release, I’ve gone out and painted my nails today in an intriguing shade of grey…If you’ve ever lived …