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an escalator in a building with people walking up and down the staircases
thomas heatherwick explains the climbable 'vessel' set for new york's hudson yards
the inside of a building with tables and benches
In Focus: Simón García
Library 'Diposit de les Aigües' by Clotet & Paricio Architects
two tall buildings are in front of each other and one is brown with many windows
an ornate door with the word garage on it
450 Sutter Building - PHOTO GALLERY
450 Sutter Building - PHOTO GALLERY
the inside of a building with marble walls and floors
Building Gallery - 450 Sutter
some lights hanging from the ceiling in a room with intricate designs on it's walls
Building Gallery - 450 Sutter
an intricately designed ceiling in a building
Deshi Basara
Deshi Basara | 450 Sutter Building in San Francisco, CA....
an empty train station with red and white lights
Hafencity University subway station…
black and white photograph of the eiffel tower at night
François Kollar - Exposition internationale des art et techniques à Paris, 1937
Kollar photo of 1937 Paris International Exhibition
the interior of a building with stairs and chandeliers
AD Classics: Radio City Music Hall / Edward Durell Stone & Donald Deskey
an old black and white photo of a bar with stools in the back ground
✨Vintage, Arts, Architecture (1900-1980)✨
a large room filled with lots of couches and tables on top of carpeted flooring
Interior of the Barbican foyer, 1981