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a wooden table sitting on the side of a building
Ambrose Woodworks photos
a wooden table sitting on top of a metal cart in the middle of a field
wood planks are stacked on top of each other
a wooden shelf with wine glasses, bottles and two wine glasses hanging from it's sides
wood planks are stacked on top of each other in this close up photo,
Authentic Japanese Yakisugi Siding | Nakamoto Forestry
a red car is parked in front of a gas station and has its hood up
This is a steel plate, that is been made too look like wood. The pattern is done with different types of grinders, and different grinding techniques. Then copious amounts of candy red. - Awesome
Aprenda a Faturar 3.000 mil Reais Por Mês Com Mesa de Resina!
Lichtenberg Wood Burning Art
This is the process I use to create Lichtenberg Fractal Imaging in different pieces of wood. In this video I am creating 2 custom pieces, one in Cherry wood and the other in a piece of Live Edge Black Walnut wood. The process uses high voltage electricity to burn random treeing designs into the wood. After cleaning the piece I back fill the design with colored epoxy. Enjoy!