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there is a cake with fruit on it
there are many sandwiches stacked on top of each other in the shape of a tower
hotdogs and watermelon slices on a table with condiments for dipping
a watermelon cut in half with toothpicks sticking out of the top
Todos os departamentos: na
a wooden cutting board topped with lots of different types of cheeses and fruit on it
the instructions for how to cut cheese are displayed
Quer uma sugestão para sua tábua de frios? Então se liga nessa forma de cortar o queijo #queijos
Palmier ou Orelha de Macaco
Palito de Massa Folhada e Presunto Cru
⋆𖦹°*ੈ✩°•*⁀‧˚ ◌༘ ⋆。˚
a white plate topped with sliced fruit on top of a table
a white plate topped with lots of fruits and veggies next to a pineapple