Impressive Artists/ Activist to follow

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In conversation: Katrin Spranger
Katrin Spranger is a London-based visual artist working on the intersection of sculpture, jewellery, and performance. Her work explores dystopian narratives that engage with environmental issues including the depletion of natural resources.
Meet the artist - Gulbin Ozdamar Akarcay
Gulbin Ozdamar Akarcay is a Turkish photographer and researcher whose works reflect her commitment to understand the cultural, ideological, environmental, and sociological order of the world, as well as the ordinary structures of daily life, by reading, using and producing images, which will hopefully open up new doors to the future.
the book cover for they did i can't too, with an image of a fist
Because Representation Matters- Interview with the founder of They Did I Can Too.
Joana Alarcão: What motivated you to start the online platform they did I can too? Ngozi Okorie : As a person of colour raised in the UK, I was taught very little about Black, Asian and minority ethnic UK history at school. There were individuals but they were not acknowledged or given the recognition that they deserved. I started to gather information about some of these figures and decided to create a platform on the internet. So that’s really where the idea came about – I wanted to expose --
the value of freedom in art - al weiweit the caseless voice for the voicingess
The values of freedom in art- Ai Weiwei the ceaseless voice for the voiceless.
The traditions of a fading society, the roots of ancient history weaving itself with the rich and dynamic imaginary of the contemporary world. In a time when social agitation rises from the pressure of social and environmental injustices, where does art fit in all of this? Today we have one of the safest societies ever built, although artists like Ai Weiwei, turn a critical eye to the destruction that this so-called safety requires, asking fundamental questions about our rights and
an activist serving for equal rights in the caulde sein law
An Activist Striving for Equality. Claude SEN Law
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an image of the ocean with text that reads, signing this petition will change many lives let's keep growing and make this change happen
Interview with founder of the Claude SEN Law Petition
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Liminal: a poetic and intimate EP from Ġenn
albert einstein quote on white paper with black ink and the words, one we accept our limits, we go beyond them
Albert Einstein Quotes & Sayings
a painting with the words,'master artist is a beginner who kept beginning '
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four women with different facial expressions and the words, friend? 9 hyper - motivating ted talks from women on the top
404 There's Nothing Here
It’s time for a pep talk, ladies. Take a few minutes to pause and absorb empowering stories from some of the best lady pioneers of our generation. | Career Contessa
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Maxwell Rushton - an artist to follow
Impressive social artist to follow
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