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a small black and white dog sitting on top of a person's lap with his legs crossed
Batpig & Me Tumble It
want this frenchie baby!!
a baby lion is holding on to a tree branch
Ingo Weigel on Twitter
two pug dogs sitting in the back seat of a car
Pug Puppies
Don't judge me my son is a trouble maker because he was born this way
the instructions for how to store plastic bags
Here's the ultimate trick for storing those plastic bags
It's time to say goodbye to that pile of plastic bags, because with this DIY, you'll have them organized compactly in no time. Just follow these instructions. This organization idea for the home will surely save you time and money!
two pictures of different signs hanging from the side of a wall with words on them
Lovely DIY Chore Charts For Kids
Lovely DIY Chore Charts For Kids - Make use of magnetic sticky paper to mark chores that are done.
a jar filled with nuts and the words father's day diy on it
Summer Learning with Carson–Dellosa Activities Workbooks
Nuts About Dad DIY Gift Idea + FREE Printable
a green background with the words despite popular relief, canadian employees are hiring right now are you prepared? that is the main
Ten things Canadian employers wish every candidate knew - Workopolis Blog
Despite popular belief, Canadian employers are hiring right now. Are you prepared? That is the main message firms want to convey to job seekers. In fact, there are many things employers want to tell job seekers. Yes, they do get hundreds, sometimes thousands of resumes a year. However, if candidates only followed this basic advice, they’d be well ahead of the pact in finding that perfect job.
a woman laying on top of a bed in a bedroom next to a pillow and pillows
Inspiring Life - Descobre, Inspira-te, Vive
"Não duvido por um segundo que tu, (...) que estás sentada a ler isto, és a pessoa mais bonita do mundo."