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a group of knights standing next to each other in front of flags and pictures on the wall
the figurines are all different sizes and colors, but each one has an individual flag
British Napoleonic 54mm Ensigns and regimental colours now back in stock. www.victrixlimited.com
some toy soldiers are playing with an old cannon
a bunch of figurines that are sitting on a box with some sticks in it
Models, Waterloo 1815, Voyage, Diorama, Napoleon, Toy Soldiers, Html, Uniform
Napoléonien : Batterie d'artillerie française au 1/72
a toy soldier on top of a pole
1/72 Italeri French 5th Hussars
Abs, Person, Perry, Person With Rifle, Happy, July
a figurine of a man dressed in red and gold with an orange outfit
a statue of a man riding on the back of a white horse with a flag
Il maresciallo prussiano Blücher,
a figurine of a drummer with a drum in his hand and an instrument behind him
TAMBOUR DE VOLTIGEUR DU 28ème REGIMENT DE LIGNE. - Les Armées de Waterloo en 1815.
figurines Custom Action Figures, Lead Soldiers
a statue of a soldier holding a flag
Chevau-léger lancier de la ligne 1814 Métal modèles 54mm
Arm Armor, French Soldier
Metal Modeles as an Irish Legion Voltigeur | planetFigure | Miniatures