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several different types of door handles and pulls
Hardware and Fixture Inspiration • visual heart creative studio
someone is opening the door with their hand
Pocket doors are genius. They make so much sense, especially in small homes, I don't know why they're not used more often! I wish I had a few in my condo...
a bedroom scene with focus on the bed and closets in the backround
Lunetto horizontal-grain wardrobes
High-end luxury modern walnut and glass wardrobe
an empty bedroom with wooden walls and flooring
Holzrausch. Planung & Werkstätten
| DETAILS | INTERIORS | Photo Credit: #Bedroom inside the House on the Hill by #Holzrausch. When we begin to look at storage as an integrated visual continuation of space versus the traditional mindset of walk-in closets. Gone is the idea that a walk-in closet as luxury. When we begin to organize space as a program for order, a place for what we use daily, then we begin to live with less and only what we need. Walk in closets open to the excuse to treat as a dungeon by throwing mess in a box.
a large white cabinet sitting next to a blue rug
Reflex blanc Image detail for -Gliss Quick Molteni wardrobe closet
a wall mounted light fixture in a bathroom
Echlin leather wardrobe door with bronze handle and inlay
an empty room with black cabinets and tile flooring
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Tamizo | Single-family house near Łódź
a bedroom with wooden closets and white walls
Hand Made Bespoke Wooden Cabinets and Furniture
Bespoke Oak Cupboards with routed grooves.
an empty hallway with black walls and wooden cabinets on either side, leading to the closets
Articles about strikingly minimal home built less six months on Dwell.com
A Strikingly Minimal Home Built in Less Than Six Months | Dwell
an empty hallway with wooden cabinets and black knobs on the doors is seen in this image
Joinery Handles - Possibly for Laundry Cupboards - Project K | Juma Architects…
an empty room with blue cupboards and black flooring on the walls, in front of a wooden ceiling
Light and Shadows by C.H. Interior (2)
Light and Shadows by C.H. Interior (2)
a black and white photo of a chair in front of a wall with square shapes
RP - Selected Projects - Pitsou Kedem
Pitsou Kedem | Art Collector Apartment 2
an image of a stainless steel refrigerator door
RP - Selected Projects - Pitsou Kedem
Pitsou Kedem | Art Collector Apartment 2 | cabinet detail
an empty room with dark wood cabinets and white flooring, along with a black chair
Projecten | Vondelpark Amsterdam
an open door with a metal handle on it
Door handle
an oven and some drawers in a kitchen
Formica & BIrch Ply Kitchens and Worktops by Matt Antrobus
Birch Plywood & Formica Kitchen by Matt Antrobus
the drawers are open and there is no one in them on the counter or shelf
Oakwood interior - by Nicolaj Bo™
two pictures of white cabinets with wooden handles and drawers in them, one showing the bottom drawer
No Hardware For The Kitchen Cabinets In This London Home
sem puxadores <3
an open closet with clothes hanging in it
Uncommon Projects | Bespoke Plywood Kitchens & Furniture
Uncommon Projects. Columbia Road - Plywood Dressing Room and Study
a bathroom with two sinks and drawers in it
Portfolio | INTERIOR-iD
INTERIOR-iD Project 00023 | Bespoke Joinery, London UK
a close up of a drawer with a pillow on it's top and bottom
Парковочная страница R01
Joinery detail
the drawers are made out of plywood and have black paint on each drawer side
Play Play™ Pattern | Furniture Design & Manufacture – De Steyl Quality Furniture | George, Garden Route
Plywood joinery.
a close up of a piece of wood with a metal handle
invisible kitchen handles - Renovation - Muse Maker
an open door with a red handle on it
Door pull
an empty hallway with white cabinets and wood flooring on the side, along with gold handles
Natural Area Rugs
a door handle on the side of a wall with a light in the back ground
Articles about man steel on Dwell.com
Powder-coated steel door handle by Tom Kundig
a close up of a wooden cabinet with two mirrors on it's back side
Wood joinery
some wood and concrete are stacked together
wood and concrete joint. Clever and effective but not sure how strong it could be over time on a vertical surface. would require strengthening
an empty room with wooden doors and brick walls
Beautiful bespoke furniture made to interior specifications
Joinery Handles
a close up of a door handle on a white wall
walter groupius door handles
a close up view of some wood in a drawer
Projects | Interior Design Specialists
plywood drawer
a close up view of a wooden drawer
Drawer Finger Pull
joinery detail
an open wooden cabinet door showing the interior
Hand Made Bespoke Wooden Cabinets and Furniture
joinery detail
close up view of the corner of a wall with two different colored panels on it
Doors to Size :: Plain MDF
Oslo style MDF door with integrated handle - joinery
a hand is opening the door to a wooden cabinet
Woodworking Techniques: From Basic Tips to Advanced Projects
finger pull detail
an image of a door handle that is on the side of a wooden wall or floor
Gallery Archive - Joseph Giles
Joseph Giles 'moon' edge pulls in antique bronze finish.