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a purple and black background with qr code on the bottom right corner, text reads tutor de creacio d'una aplicacio del applicao application de
utorial de creació d'una aplicació de RA amb UniteAR
a blue poster with an image of a cell phone
Infograma de Realitat Augmentada
Infograma amb les diferents eines d'AR
an image of a computer screen with many different app icons on it and the caption is in spanish
Eines de Realitat Augmentada
Symbaloo elaborat amb eines Realitat Augmentada
the word roundme written in white on a blue background
Roundme - Create Interactive Panoramic Virtual Tours is a service that allows you to create professional interactive virtual tours with panoramic shots. The tours can be filled with content (text, links, photos, video, sounds and more!) and shared. lets you explore the world by checking the map and viewing the tours created by others. Video by Trailers Studio