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an open kitchen with lots of counter space and stools on the floor in front of it
Un atelier de arte que fue campo de fútbol. - diariodesign.com
a bathroom with two sinks and plants on the wall
Espelho Bronze: 60 Ideias de Decoração e Como Usar
Incrível esse lavabo decorado com espelhos bronzes; a iluminação completa a proposta
an office with wooden floors and glass walls is pictured in this rendering, there are several computers on the desks
Escritório com Ambiente com decoração moderna e papel de parede | Sandra Picciotto 144341 - Viva Decora
an office with wooden floors and glass partitions on the wall, surrounded by white chairs
Divisória de Ambiente: o Que é, Como Usar +10 Modelos Lindos
an empty conference room with glass walls and wooden flooring is seen from the doorway
Decoração de Espaços Corporativos - Marília Veiga
people are sitting at tables in an open room with partitions on the walls and windows
Gallery of Herningsholm Vocational School / C.F. Møller - 3