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an easy vertical garden made out of wooden pallets with text overlay that reads
DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Wall
The back side of our house is pretty boring builder-grade bland, so it really needed something interesting to break up all the grey and this DIY vertical garden was perfect for the job.
an outdoor planter is filled with plants in black bags and hanging from the side
DIY Vertical Garden Wall for Vegetables
DIY Vertical Garden Wall. I decided not to push my luck this time and went with these super-easy vertical garden planters.
vertical garden wall for succulents with text that reads make your own diy vertical garden wall for succulents
DIY Vertical Garden Wall
DIY Vertical Garden Wall for Succulents. We are slowly but surely conquering our backyard.Today I did even more with building this vertical garden wall for my succulents.
the garden hose holder is attached to a wooden deck
DIY Garden Hose Holder
Make an easy garden hose holder with a solar light. It is the perfect place to store your garden hose. It is a neat and organized attractive attention to your garden. Build a floating deck to keep your feet clean and dry at your water station.
three flower pots with fabric decoupage Decoupage Terra Cotta Pots, Decoupage Flower Pots, Decorated Pots, Decorating Terra Cotta Pots, Terra Cotta Pot Crafts Diy, Fabric Decoupage, Terra Cotta Pots, Flower Pot Art, Terra Cotta Pot Crafts
How to Decoupage Flower Pots {fabric}
Learn how to Decoupage Flower Pots with Fabric. Decorate your porch, patio, and home with gorgeous fabric decoupage flower pots. They are easy and affordable. #kippiathome #decoupage #modepodge #claypotcrafts
a planter filled with flowers and plants next to the words turn a file cabinet into a modern planter
Turn an Old File Cabinet into a Modern Planter
If you have some old filing cabinets lying around, don’t toss them out, turn them into modern planters, they make beautiful flower planters and herb gardens! This was such an easy project, and with just a few simple steps, I took this file cabinet and turned it into a stylish and functional planter. #DIY #Garden #modernplanter
a small white flower sitting on top of a cement slab with the words, every strong homemade weedkiller recipe plus what you need to know about
Natural Weed Killer Recipe
Say goodbye to pesky weeds with our homemade weed killer recipe! This all-natural solution will have those annoying plants saying "sayonara!" Plus, we've got the facts to back it up. Kiss the harmful chemicals goodbye and let nature do the dirty work for you.
an assortment of herbs in pots on a table with text overlay that reads list of herbs that alters insects
How to deter insects with herbs
Consider choosing plants and herbs for your garden and landscaping which will help deter insects from bothering you while out in your yard. Certain herbs, such as lavender, basil, and rosemary, can help repel insects. Plant them around your garden and say goodbye to those pesky bugs. #insects #herbs #garden
flower pot painted white with bumble bees and a black and white dot ribbon Paint Terracotta Pots, Paint Terracotta, Garden Tools Decor, Outdoor Crafts Diy, Painted Flower Pot, Diy Summer Decor, Pots Diy, Summer Wreath Diy, Painted Pots Diy
Painted Flower Pots
Create gorgeous flower pots with simple clay pots. They add a pop of color to your home and garden. They are the perfect gift with a pretty plant. #flowerpots #paintedflowerpot #kippiathome #paintedclaypot
several potted succulents with the title how to propagate succulents
How to Propagate Succulents
Propagating succulents is relatively easy and can be done in several ways. Here are a few common methods: A general rule when propagating is to avoid overwatering or too much moisture to the newly propagated succulent until it has established roots and shows signs of growth. It’s also important to provide enough sunlight but indirect light to the new plant and to avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or drafts. Head to the blog for all the tips! #succulents #propagate
DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Wall
Build a simple DIY vertical garden for decorative succulents or modify it for vegetables, herbs, or flowers.
someone is holding plants in their hands while laying on the ground next to a wooden bench
How To Build A DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Wall
How To Build A DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden Wall. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space.
there is a bowl full of onions and greens on the table with text overlay reading beginner gardening series how to plant onions
How to grow onions!
One of the most versatile and easiest vegetables to grow are onions! Learn how to grow them to enjoy all season long with this simple step-by-step tutorial.
flower pot painted and decoupage Diy Decorated Pots For Plants, Diy Flower Pot Designs, Painted Flower Pots Ideas, Decoupage With Napkins, Pink Napkins, Decoupage Ideas, Flowers And Greenery, Terracotta Flower Pots
How to Decoupage Flower Pots
Spring has sprung, and I love to decorate with flower pots filled with flowers and greenery. Decorating terracotta flower pots is inexpensive, so let's decorate a ton. I have already decorated a few with fabric, vinyl, and paint. How to Decoupage with Napkins There are a million gorgeous napkins that would be perfect for decoupaging
How To Build A DIY Vertical Garden Wall
Build a simple DIY vertical garden for decorative succulents or modify it for vegetables, herbs, or flowers. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space.