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the back end of a van with its door open and clothes hanging out to dry
The fast and the furnished: A tour of modern Volkswagen bus campers
New VW busses have: a curtain on the tailgate gives the Cape Town a private shower (Photo: Hymer)
three different views of the inside of a building with wires hanging from it's ceiling
Ryuji Nakamura.
‘Catenarhythm’ installation at Living Design Gallery. Installation for ribbon project by Mina Perhonen, 2008
there are many jellyfish in the water and on the window sill with curtains
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... LIFT OFF!!!
Underwater World / Jellies / Fiber Art installation by Sayuri
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a grassy field with wheels attached to it's sides
Installation Art
a large red object hanging from the side of a tree in a field next to trees
AA Visiting School: Marking the Forest
Thread installation
an art piece made out of many different objects on a white wall with pink and blue accents
Review of Jacob Hashimoto: The Other Sun at Ronchini Gallery
Jacob Hashimoto
an array of umbrellas are lit up at night in the grass with trees behind them
art installation
people are standing around in an art gallery with sculptures on the walls and flooring
Holler Stem
Carsten Holler mushroom