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an artistic painting of a lizard on the side of a building with bright lights in the background
a painting of a woman with her hands in the air and planets above her head
#psytrance #psychedelic #trance #festival #visionary
an image of a rainbow arch with the word vera amor written in black on it
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Felipe Guga
a drawing of the sun with its face drawn on it's side, against a pink background
a painting of two women embracing in front of a rainbow colored sky with stars and swirls
✨🌈 Star loves Moon 🌟🌙 New for 2018! Space Girlfriends print debuting at ECCC, available online at in March. 💖
a painting of flowers in a vase on top of a table with stars and sparkles
an alien hovering over flowers in the sky with a halo above it's head
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an array of satellite dishes with colorful flowers on them and stars in the sky above
the instagram page shows an image of a flowered tree with lights on it
a person with overalls and flowers in their hair is standing under a glass ball