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an entrance to a pink building with green vases and palm trees in the foreground
BAPTISTE BOHU | Casa de Tulum 🌵 Casitas au style mexicain et contemporain ▪️🌵 Casa de Tulum 🌵 Casitas with Mexican and contemporary style ▪️🌵 AI… | Instagram
two large potted palm trees in front of a pink building with columns and arches
an entrance to a pink house with palm trees
an open door leading to a bedroom with pink walls and palm trees on the wall
an open door leading to a bedroom with pink walls and paintings on the wall behind it
a pink and yellow bedroom with a canopy bed in the middle, surrounded by palm trees
a pink house with yellow door and steps leading to the front entrance, surrounded by palm trees
the interior of a pink house with yellow chairs and bookshelves
a bathroom with pink and yellow wallpaper, an oval bathtub and double sinks
an archway leads into a pink kitchen with trees painted on the walls and flooring
an empty room with paintings on the walls
Landscapes and Fantasy Murals - Dillon Murals
Landscapes and Fantasy Murals - Dillon Murals
an empty room with paintings on the walls and ceiling, painted in shades of green
un trompe l'oeil realizzato in un piccolo ambiente in provincia di Piacenza
an artisticly designed glass table top with trees and sky reflected in the mirror surface
Michael Dillon ~ decorative painted ceiling
a green room with two windows and a bench in the corner, painted with flowers
De Gournay
an old room with a table and two doors leading to another room that has a mural on the ceiling
an image of a dining room with green leaves on the ceiling and chairs around it
a room with a chair, mirror and painting on the wall
an ornately decorated hallway with floral wallpaper and flooring is featured in this article
the ceiling is painted with flowers and birds on it's sides, while another bird sits in the distance
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with floral designs on it
Техника росписи с пробликовкой на серебре
Как я делала лепнину для спальни
Лепнина для спальни ручной работы
🎨 Painted plafond of a narrow corridor with 2 points of light
🌟 We decided to compose the composition by combining two sockets. At the same time, the ceiling seemed to be reduced in length, giving the room a more proportional look. Almost all elements of the painting are made in a silhouette manner. This technique was used to create Boulle furniture. 🎼 MARION - Mind Flowers #ceilingpainting #paintingplafon #interiorpainting #alfrescopainting #росписьпотолка #росписьплафона #росписьинтерьера #альфрейнаяроспись #альфрейка #стильбуль
an image of a painting with flowers on it and curtains in the backround
Geoff Howell Studio Inc.
Hand blocked French wallpaper border with green felt flocking by Dufour Circa 1811. (Each color is applied with a separate hand carved block)