Summer olympic games

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a wall with the olympic rings painted on it
We had an Olympic theme this year, so my mother helped create the Olympic Rings for me!
an olympic sign with the words 30 ways to make your own summer olympics
30 Ways To Make Your Own Summer Olympics
the olympic rings are hanging on the wall
some medals are hanging on the back of a leather jacket with red, white and blue ribbons
Summer Olympic medals! Homemade with salt dough and cute ribbon.
a cardboard box sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to balls and tees
Creative Indoor Activities For a Cold Winter Day
target golf what a great indoor activity for kids!
an olympic themed dessert table with candy and candies
How To Throw An Awesome Olympic Party Your Kids Will Love
Sport Craft
Olympic Medal Craft Air Dry Clay
the olympic games bracelets are made from plastic beads and rubber cords with colorful bead accents
The Olympics for Kids: Games, Crafts and Treats
the number ten is placed in front of several colorful kites on the green grass
DIY Bean Bag Toss Game
How to make a unique bean bag toss game from terra cotta pot saucers and a printable (which you can get for free by clicking through!)
an empty parking lot with colorful lines painted on the ground and white writing that says, pmu
How To Throw An Awesome Olympic Party Your Kids Will Love