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there are two boxes that have some knitting needles in them, one is red and the other is blue
Reciclando: Fueron latas de conserva, ahora son.... ¡¡ACERICOS!!
a notepad with a flower and pen attached to it, sitting on a green surface
КАРМАШКИ - ХРАНИЛИЩА - из интернета | Интересные идеи для вдохновения
an animal made out of fabric with a pencil in it's pocket and some flowers
Porta Recado Galinha de Bolso
two wine bags decorated with santa claus and snowmen
Como Fazer Uma Embalagem de Presente em Feltro: 27 Modelos pra Você Copiar - Revista Artesanato
two christmas decorations made out of toilet paper and candy bar wrapped in green grass with red bows
130 imagens de moldes e ideias para a decoração de natal. como faço, trabalhos manuais passo a passo, técnicas de criatividade