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an instructional manual for designing an online lesson using the 5 e's instruction model
Tips for Designing an Online Learning Experience Using the 5Es Instructional Model - Dr. Catlin Tucker
Dicebreakers!  Ice Breakers using Dice
Dicebreakers!  Ice Breakers using Dice
Dicebreakers! Ice Breakers using Dice
Dicebreakers! An Icebreaker Activity using Dice. Most people will have access to a pair of dice. Raid a pair from a board game or look in that junk drawer of life! Request that they have one available during your online meeting and have each person roll the dice and answer the corresponding question to the number on the die.
the top 10 soft skills you need to get ahead in your job application info sheet
How To Develop The 10 Soft Skills You Need To Get Ahead In Your Career
a poster with different types of words on it
Please, I need you to participate…
an info poster with different types of boats in it
5 Steps to Develop an Excellent E-learning Course – An Infographic | eLearning Blogs
the ultimate guide to creating an info poster
The ADDIE Model Template Diagram with Examples
an info poster with the words, 10 practical principals for creating impact e - learning
10 Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning Infographic - e-Learning Infographics
a poster with the words addie on it and puzzle pieces in front of it
ADDIE Model Poster
the 5 c's for learning visual arts and writing with text that says, being pretty isn't enough
Using the 5 Cs for eLearning Visuals Infographic - e-Learning Infographics
the four steps to content churning infographical poster - click to enlarge
How to Chunk Content for eLearning Infographic - e-Learning Infographics