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an old poem written in black ink on paper
My Tiny Little Life
a book cover with an eye and the words nature is alive and talking to us
High Lotus Goods Shop
an old black and white photo with the words, don't discuss the elements water
You are another me
an abstract painting with trees and water
The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle
a poem written in black and white with the words to me, being spiritful means
Cyn on Twitter
a quote on the side of a colorful background
Spiritual Journey
an old poem written in black ink on white paper with the words, don't disinish the elements water
Work Shops
Meaningful Quotes, Anger, Awakening Quotes, Wise Quotes, Positivity
a woman with blue body and stars in the background is holding her arms out to each other
Purple Buddha project
a buddha statue with the quote instead of getting defensive, say thanks for letting me know your thoughts i'll consider them
Just Breathe
a painting of a woman in a blue dress walking through the woods with a quote written on it
Art, American, Native American, American Art
Shaman was asked: What is Poison'? - Anything beyond what we need is poison. It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, vanity, fear, anger or whatever. - America’s best pics and videos
the spiral symbol on a blue background with an inscription that reads,'the spiral symbol is
And it's just Winter Drama
the silhouette of a person with their head down, in front of a dark background that says
The Time Has Come to Share Your Story
the inspirational quote from rumi is displayed on an instagramtion page with rocks stacked in front of it
Gratitude Habitat
a forest with trees in the background and a quote from victoria ericson about forests
We Are Wildness - We're happiest outside with our dogs!
a painting with an image of a woman surrounded by birds and the words no, beloved you were never meant to fit in you are a messenger of love
a green light in the middle of a black background with a quote on it that reads, keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos
Keeping, Thích Nhất Hạnh Quote
a black and white photo with a quote on the side of it that says, a quiet mind is able to hear induction over fear
11 Quotes To Remember When You're Overthinking
an owl flying through the air with a quote above it that reads be still, and the earth will speak to you
Breezing By
a blue flower with an inspirational quote on it
Vibrational Energy, Universe Quotes
The Universe Does The Thing
an image of a quote from echart tolle on the topic of love
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