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a pink hat and bow tie on top of a white paper doll's face
Barevný 🤡
an image of a blue hat and bow tie
Barevný 🤡
an image of a yellow hat and bow tie
Barevný 🤡
four different faces with clown noses on them
a drawing of a smiling face with different colored dots on it's forehead and nose
Jules viert carnaval (Juf Emmily)
two children's toys are sitting on the floor next to an open box with matching cards
Zelf Bumba spel maken
an image of clown faces cut outs
a child's handmade paper cutout with sprinkles on it
.. Ballon clown confettis .. - Le blog de nounoucoindespetits
.. Ballon clown confettis ..
several pictures of clowns with hats and bow ties
a child's drawing of a clown on a sheet of paper with colored dots
a cartoon character holding a birthday hat on his hand and looking at the fire coming out of it
a young boy holding a cardboard box with a clown face on it and a red ball in front of him
Coordenação motora