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three wooden planters with flowers in them hanging from the side of a wood wall
Домашний сад на стене
Домашний сад на стене | Древология | Яндекс Дзен
Great tip.
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a clock that is hanging on the wall with some rope attached to it's sides
Nautical Nursery - Ahoy It's a BOY!
Nautical wall clock - jute rope, hot glue, inexpensive clock
two pieces of wood are sitting on a wooden surface, one has a keychain and the other is a house
Mobile Phone Mounts & Holders for Sale - eBay
Natural Wood Phone Holder Stand Pendant Keychain Car Keyring Fashion Accessories | Mobile Phones & Communication, Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories, Holders & Mounts | eBay!
a wooden musical instrument that is hanging from the ceiling and has numbers on each side
Perpetual Wood Calendars/ wall calendar - Etsy 日本
several pieces of wood that have been cut in half and stacked on top of each other
10 Innovative Rustic Log Decor Ideas For Your Home
Add warmth to your home with these rustic log decor ideas – The Owner-Builder Network
a wooden table topped with lots of different types of rocks on top of a metal stand
Decoração Criativa com Seixos para Jardim - Como fazer em casa
Decoração criativa com seixos para jardim | Como fazer em casa
DIY Framed Tree Branches – Wall Decorating Ideas
Framed tree branches project wall decoration idea on the internet and thought to make it easy and cheap. I saw a lot of other wall decoration ideas that use framed tree branches in old upcycled frames, or wood frames.
two framed pictures hanging on the wall next to each other with tree branches in them
laser cut shadowboxes from Shadow Fox Design