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an orange vase with red flowers on it
Mary Mullaney art glass
a yellow glass jar with an ornate design on the top and bottom, sitting on a white surface
Fenton Paisley Candy Box in Buttercup Yellow
yellow glass vases are arranged on a reflective surface
Collecting Mid-20th Century Glass Vessels | Vintage glass pitchers, Glass vessel, Shades of yellow
three stained glass windows with flowers and leaves on them, each one in black and white
this is a painting of flowers on glass
two men are working on a stained glass flower design in a studio setting, while another man holds up a plate with flowers painted on it
a hand holding a glass plate with flowers on it
Stained Glass Poppy, Poppies Painting, Poppy Pendant, Hand Painted Poppies, Red Poppy Flower, Poppy, Stained Glass Window Hangings, Wall Art - Etsy
an ornamental design with flowers and leaves on a gray background
Portfolio d’images et de photos de stock de tanzellita | Shutterstock
two stained glass panels with flowers on them
Floral Stained-glass Pattern Stock Vector - Illustration of backdrop, plant: 74661528
a glass plate with flowers painted on it