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a light bulb sitting on top of a tree stump with a rope attached to it
Luminária feita no Tronco da Madeira
a light bulb sitting on top of a wooden box
Garimpo89 - Design Exclusivo Em Peças De Madeiras
a light bulb sitting on top of a piece of wood
Luminária de mesa rústica
Incrível como qualquer pedaço de madeira vira arte, olha que legal essa luminária linda, feita de forma artesanal com um acabamento rústico
a potted planter with flowers in it next to a lamp post on the grass
Solar Lighted Address Plaque – Address Sign For Your Home – Allow Emergency Responders, Delivery Drivers , and Visitors to find your home qucikly –
Do it yourself lamp post, with hanging basket. One 4x4 post, concreted in ground, hanging basket bracket, solar light on top. Stain post and done!! EASY!
a light that is on top of a tree stump
21 Fire Pit Ideas and Designs For Your Backyard - decorisme
a woman standing next to two wooden cylinders on top of a picnic table in the sun
DIY Stump Solar Lights
Vous avez envie de customiser vos lampes solaires achetées sur ? plantez les dans de petits rondins de bois pour une ambiance exotique ! #DIY #outdoor
a wooden table lamp with a white shade on it
De raiz - design e arte
De raiz - design e arte … Mais
a table lamp made out of driftwood with a brown shade on the top and bottom
10 Dicas para Utilizar Candeeiros de Madeira
a wooden box with flowers in it sitting on a table
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Reclaimed, Antique wood daisy lamp. Pressed flowers in resin, edison lamp
a man working on a beam in a kitchen with the words fax wood beams above it
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a lamp that is on top of a table
Wildlife Decor Moose, Bear, Deer Scenery Style Floor Lamp