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an abstract sculpture made out of spirals and glass beads on a white surface,
My first metal art project....found the idea online but cost way too much. Made it for about 60 bucks :)
two pieces of wood with flowers on them
a white and black cat sitting on a yellow swing with green leaves hanging from it
Luxury. Ювелирный клуб.. Запись со стены.
an ornament hanging from the side of a wall with a girl in a green dress
a piece of art that is on the wall with some kind of magnets attached to it
45 Simple and Speaking Ceramic Wall Arts – Hobby Lesson
some green plants are hanging on the wall
5 Calming Home Decor Crafts with Clay! | DIY Danie
a piece of wood that has some bowls on it and is hanging on the wall
several people are holding plates and bowls together
Parisa heydari
a hand holding a small gray star shaped object in it's right hand, with the face of an alien
someone is holding up a ceramic plate with fish on it