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an info poster with different types of symbols and text on it, including the words'everyday
Everyday Psychology You Should Probably Know #infographic
Everyday Psychology Infographic
an image of some type of webpage with many different colors and sizes on it
"Decálogo de la mujer ahorradora" en el Blog de Sarai Llamas
the five tips for creating an effective business plan in spanish, english and spanish language
5 Tips para un día de trabajo fabuloso
an orange poster with the words 5 tips para un major triblio en espuo
5 Tips para un mejor trabajo en equipo
the steps to conflict with each other are labeled in different languages, and there is no image
The 7 steps of Conflict Escalation visualized by us for The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution - a nonprofit organisation. We got an enormous amount of positive feedback on this info-graphic. Because of that, we hope we're able to offer it as a poster to anyone interested - either as a free-to-print download or sell cheap it as print.
How to Make Relationships Work presented by Drs. John and Julie Gottman
How to Make Relationships Work presented by Drs. John and Julie Gottman
the spanish text is displayed in red and black
8 cualidades de los empresarios de éxito #infografia #infographic
the spanish poster shows different types of people in various poses and positions, including one man with
Welcome — Coming Soon
Los 20 Secretos de La Motivación
the spanish language poster shows children holding hands with their names in different languages and colors
Los conflictos en el aula
Resolución de conflictos