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a crocheted object with words describing the different types of objects in each section
several skeins of yarn in different colors and sizes are shown on a white background
Stylecraft special dk colour palette yarn pegs
four wooden skewers with different colored yarns in them on a white surface
several skeins of yarn are lined up on wooden pegs with the words lincoln written on them
several spools of thread are lined up on wooden pegs with name tags
the different colors of crochet are shown in this chart
Color Me Creative: Sandra Eng’s Guide to Choosing Colors in Crochet
six spools of thread in different colors on wooden skewers with labels
six spools of thread in different colors and sizes on wooden skewers
Stylecraft Special DK Colour Combinations - Beautiful Vintage Pastels
several skeins of colored thread are arranged on a white board in front of a window
the color palettes are all different colors
Imi Knoebel, Portrait
two towels hanging on a clothes line with white brick wall in the background and colorful striped design
Dusen Dusen Home - Sight Unseen
a stack of colorful towels sitting on top of a counter
a crocheted dishcloth with multicolored stripes on the bottom and side
En hjemmestrikket gave
frøkenen & baronen: En hjemmestrikket gave
two scarves hanging on the wall with hooks
Raitaa, raitaa (Puikkoillen, koukkuillen)
a multicolored scarf on a white background
Oilily® | Dames Collectie
knitted multicolored socks laid out in rows
Stripey Sock Campaign
Stripey Sock Campaign ⋆ Handmade Charlotte