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there are many birds flying in the sky
a wooden walkway next to a body of water
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a man standing on the balcony of a house in the jungle with trees surrounding it
Keemala Resort & Spa - Exotic Voyages
a house made out of wood and grass with a thatch roof in the middle
Tuit / Twitter
an unusual building sits on the water's edge, surrounded by trees and other greenery
there are three different views of the same lake
Sunken Observation Platform (Vöcklabruck, Austria)
an aerial view of a vineyard with lights shining on it
The Vineyard in Kakheti, Georgia - FunSubstance
The Vineyard in Kakheti, Georgia - FunSubstance
an artist's rendering of a house with thatched roof and palm trees in the background
an indoor fireplace in the middle of a room
5 case da Hobbit in cui vorresti abitare - LifeGate
Quando la fantasia incontra la realtà: ecco le "case da hobbit" più ecologiche del mondo.
a person standing on top of a building with a roof made of bricks and brick tiles
BAAS Arquitectura's Faculty of Radio and Television wins top award at Brick Awards 20