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a table with bread and flowers on it in front of some bushes, grass and a crucifix
Piotr Barańczak - wyroby artystyczne ze słomy
Piotr Barańczak - wyroby artystyczne ze słomy
a gold sculpture is shown against a white background and it appears to be made out of straws
Moisson de la Marieé which translates to Bride of the Harvest, in English, is a Northern French design reputed to be very old. Created by E...
a black bowl with yellow and green yarn in the shape of a spiral on it
Valentijn Sneek
Valentijn Sneek
an image of a circular object made out of red and black beads on a black background
Floral Events | Tomas De Bruyne
Tomas De Bruyne | bloemsierkunst | art floral | Life3 | | Het Bloemenhuis | Flower shop | marriages | decorations | interiors | fairs | stands | demonstrations | exhibtions | workshops | books
four bowls with different designs on them sitting next to each other in front of a blue surface
PPDT: Photo
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. Garth Brook : Photo
marble and wood serving trays on the ground
Faceted Marble + Rosewood Serving Pieces |
a purple table with chairs around it in front of a map on the wall behind it
Ne pas perdre le Nord / Fan de cartes
By the way...: Ne pas perdre le Nord / Fan de cartes
an image of christmas wreaths with red berries and pine needles on wooden planks
DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards - Say Yes
DIY: mini cranberry wreath place cards
some lights that are hanging from the ceiling and in front of a mirror with text overlay saying spray paint your christmas lights
DIY Gold Christmas Decor |
Spray Paint Your Christmas Lights! Who would have thought! |
an instagram photo of a living room with glass doors and fireplace in the corner
color combination: white, black and natural wood
two bowls with white rocks in them on top of a blue and gray book cover
Charming Treasures
The bowl and board;love, love, love bowls-the older the better! I enjoy displaying my grandmother's bowl. She baked a fierce pound cake and mixed her ingredients in the that bowl.
an image of a table and chairs covered in snow with the caption who would like to picnic in the snow? see more you and 1k others 150 comments
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Snow Picnic, Stockholm, Sweden