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the sun is shining brightly over the ocean
beautymothernature: Moon Shine over the share...
— beautymothernature: Moon Shine over the share...
a heart drawn in the sand on a beach at sunset with an inspirational message written below
Vacation, Sea Background Beach Beautiful Blue Clouds #vacation, #sea, #background, #beach, #beautiful, #blue, #clouds
a man and woman dressed in traditional arabic garb, kissing on the foreheads
Saudi wedding #arabwedding #arabcouple #saudiwedding
a man dressed in traditional garb pointing to the sky at night with buildings in the background
Look up beyond the towers of man, only the Name of the Lord is a strong Tower for all who run in to Him to be saved.
a man and woman standing in front of a window looking out at the city skyline
beautiful couple
a man in a white shirt is eating some kind of food and looking at the camera
آسلي آلنفس آلحزينه بآلآوهآم -- وفي وآقعي كل آلتفآصيل ضدي -- bdr
a bunch of red roses sitting on top of a table in front of an airplane
every post,,,, every status... is a secret msg for someone.. ..A...?!¿,,~>~.