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an animated circle with confetti and circles around it, in the center is a video player
CNN Econundrum – The Environmental Cost of A Day on Earth
Animated short video for CNN Econundrum released on Earth Day 2017 about what is the environmental impact of 24 hours on Earth. Credit Client CNN Art Direction…
an advertisement for the history of video
History Timeline Documentary Slideshow Motion Design
the number one sign is shown in three different colors and font, with an arrow pointing up
REVEAL ONE DATA - TF1 publicité
Motion design Reveal identité ONE DATA - TF1 publicité Soirée de lancement 17 mars 2015 - Gaîté Lyrique - Paris Agence : TETRO Direction…
a blue backpack sitting on top of an orange wall next to a green and yellow kite
Plaisio School
Once again we were extremely happy to continue our fresh collaboration with PLAISIO DEPARTMENT STORES, this time for their school tv campaign.We spent some great time by bringing back our own childhood memories, messing with colours, pencils, pens etc in order to feel what could really excite and impress our little friends.After all school is not only about studying. Enjoy and have fun! Client: PLASIO Agency/ Production Company: NOMINT Creative Direction: Christos Lefakis/ Yannis ...
two men facing each other with their faces painted red and black
NY Times - Debt Deal: Obama vs. Boehner
an image of the back side of a plane with many different colors and shapes on it
Random After Effects Broadcast Packages | VideoHive
as cores são ótimas - bem vibrantes - talvez seja uma boa justificativa usar cores contrastantes - a troca / mudança drástica de cores está associada a transição.
there is an image of a man walking with a red object in front of him
Mun2 (Spanish pronunciation: mundos) is an American cable and satellite network catering to young Latinos living in the U.S. As a companion channel to Telemundo, mun2 is a proud fusion of cultures, the programming is a mix of reality, scripted series, music, sports, novelas and movies. A reflection of the audience, Mun2 airs programming in both English and Spanish.
an abstract background with circles and dots in various colors on a white wallpapered surface
BBC Radio 3 - Music Nation
BBC Radio 3 - Music Nation
the letter m is made up of colorful geometric shapes and letters that appear to be folded together
MyMTV - Bumpers
MyMTV - Bumpers by Flavio Bernardes de Paula. Broadcast package for MTV´s My Mtv.