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two blue and white koi fish are swimming in the water with their tails curled up
"Tui and La - Yin & Yang Koi" Sticker for Sale by nicoledesigns
a drawing of a woman with her arms behind her back
O Tumblr é um sítio para te expressares, auto-descobrires e te ligares com as coisas que amas. É onde encontras pessoas com interesses comuns.
a cat with many fish around it's neck
two people with their arms around each other, one holding the other's head
wire mural for Texas Tech University Clinic, Lubbock TX
TX Tech wire mural
a watercolor painting of a green cactus with spikes on it's back end
Dies ist ein Druck von meinem ursprünglichen Aquarellgemälde The Pointed Cactu..., #Aquarell...
how to draw a human heart with easy step by step instructions for kids and adults
How to Draw a Human Heart - Really Easy Drawing Tutorial
a drawing of mountains and trees in the shape of a triangle on top of a piece of paper
More Art reference, tips, and some art I think is cool.
Imagens inspiradoras baseadas nos personagens da Disney. #drawing