Christmas Time

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a christmas tree made out of white stars
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Happy holidays!
a plastic bowl filled with fruit and veggies covered in santa's hats
grinch snacks
an image of orange rolls with icing in the pan
Sweet Orange Rolls - Lemon Sugar
Sweet Orange Rolls - Lemon Sugar
an image of some balls in the snow with caption for facebook post on them
Christmas decoration ideas
During winter fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off and they look like giant marbles or Chtistmas decorations.
a menu with different types of food on it - This website is for sale! - dasgurias Resources and Information.
Portuguese French toast...or as we call it in Portugal "rabanada" (traditional Christmas recipe... it's very rare for a Portuguese or Brazilian home not to have these on their table on Christmas eve...embeded in milk or in wine (where my mother is from they embed it in wine... allready made some with mom yesterday.....yum...i like them the day after.... rabanada