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a yellow lemon with the words when life gives you a lemon, you must eat the lemon
David Shrigley | When Life Gives You a Lemon (2021) | Artsy
a drawing of a woman wearing a bra
Minimal Fashion Line Illustration
Minimal Fashion Line Illustration, Only £7!! DM on Instagram to purchase, Digital File Only! Custom designs also available! Instagram - @prints.by.lottie
a nude woman standing in front of a pink background
a drawing of a woman's torso with gold stars on the chest and arms
Night-Time Shimmer
Night-Time Shimmer – Lottie Johnson
a drawing of many people with different facial expressions on their faces, including one man's head
Quando uma mulher de luta morre todas nós morremos um pouco com ela. - Marielle Franco 1 ano. #mariellepresente Arte por Gayle Kabaker: Resist!
the outline of a woman's body in white on a light pink background,
#minimalart #lineart #art #inspo #yoga #dailyinspo #wallart #print #gallerywall #pink #design #decor #decorate #bedroom #feminine #mood #vibe
a drawing of a woman's face with her hair pulled back
allthethingswelove | VSCO
VSCO - allthethingswelove - Images
a group of people that are standing in the middle of a photo with one woman's face painted on it
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girl, woman, and feminism image
an image of a group of people that are all different colors and sizes in this painting
Unity in Diversity
a large group of people are all smiling and having different expressions on their faces in this colorful illustration
Diversity Illustration
illustration, diversity, graphic design, colour, magazine, print, culture
an image of many people in different colors and sizes, all with their heads turned to the side
Women Who Draw  — Women’s March 2017 — portfolio
@ miaadasilva